• Characterisation of RNase Y in H. pylori: a non-essential enzyme involved in the processing of cag-PAI non coding RNA 1 (CncR1) sRNA
  • D'Agostino, Federico <1994>


  • BIO/11 Biologia molecolare


  • The importance of Helicobacter pylori as a human pathogen is underlined by the plethora of diseases it is responsible for. The capacity of H. pylori to adapt to the restricted host-associated environment andto evade the host immune response largely depends on a streamlined signalling network. The peculiar H. pylori small genome size combined with its paucity of transcriptional regulators highlights the relevance of post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms as small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs). However, among the 8 RNases represented in H. pylori genome, a regulator guiding sRNAs metabolism is still not well studied. We investigated for the first time the physiological role in H. pylori G27 strain of the RNase Y enzyme. In the first line of research we provide a comprehensive characterization of the RNase Y activity by analysing its genomic organization and the factors that orchestrate its expression. Then, based on bioinformatic prediction models, we depict the most relevant determinants of RNase Y function, demonstrating a correlation of both structure and domain organization with orthologues represented in Gram-positive bacteria. To unveil the post-transcriptional regulatory effect exerted by the RNase Y, we compared the transcriptome of an RNase Y knock-out mutant to the parental wild type strain by RNA-seq approach. In the second line of research we characterized the activity of this single strand specific endoribonuclease on cag-PAI non coding RNA 1 (CncR1) sRNA. We found that deletion or inactivation of RNase Y led to the accumulation of a 3’-extended CncR1 (CncR1-L) transcript over time. Moreover, beneath its increased half-life, CncR1-L resembled a CncR1 inactive phenotype. Finally, we focused on the characterization of the in vivo interactome of CncR1. We set up a preliminary MS2-affinity purification coupled with RNA-sequencing (MAPS) approach and we evaluated the enrichment of specific targets, demonstrating the suitability of the technique in the H. pylori G27 strain.


  • 2023-06-19


  • Doctoral Thesis
  • PeerReviewed


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D'Agostino, Federico (2023) Characterisation of RNase Y in H. pylori: a non-essential enzyme involved in the processing of cag-PAI non coding RNA 1 (CncR1) sRNA, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Biologia cellulare e molecolare , 35 Ciclo. DOI 10.48676/unibo/amsdottorato/10887.