• La crisi di storicit√† e la moderna contingenza del reale [The Crises of Historicity and the Modern Contingency of the Real]
  • Lista, Rossana


  • Modernity is by definition the era of rupture and discontinuity. Science has built an image of the world fragmented and dispersed into separate realities, based on a type of observation that no longer depends on reference to a common world or is ontologically predisposed. The real of modernity has therefore changed its status: it is structurally contingent and knowable by paradoxes. All the peculiar values of modern society are now formulated in the modal form of contingency. The temporal orientation of the Self itself has become contingent, and it is less and less able to base its own identity on a narrative synthesis of its own history/History. The so-called "real-time" of the mediated experience makes the real disappear in the instantaneousness of its apparent revelation. While the future, as a risk, is continuously dragged into the present, the past is constantly excluded as radically different. These are the terms of a crisis of historicity that the present essay intends to illustrate and analyze.


  • 2019-11-11


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